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Tournament Forms and Waivers: What You Need to Know

June 07, 2017

Corey M. Wright, Director of Little League’s Eastern Region, outlines and explains the different forms, other documents needed; and the process to be followed, in preparing eligibility documentation, including waivers and the Little League® School Enrollment form.

Each team participating the Little League International Tournament will carry with them a packet of information that includes a completed Tournament Affidavit, all eligibility waiver (if necessary), completed and signed tournament verification forms, verified residency documents, any school enrollment forms, an approved league boundary map, and a medical release form for each player. This information is re-verified at each level of tournament play.

If an eligibility waiver is necessary, it is to be processed through the Little League International Tournament Committee in Williamsport, Pa. prior to the player participating in his or her first Tournament game. Both League Presidents must agree to the waiver in order for it to be considered by the District Administrator for submission to the Tournament Committee.

It is the responsibility of the local league’s Player Agent to ensure that all of the players placed on the tournament affidavit have the correct and appropriate documentation in place before presenting it to the District Administrator for verification.
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