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December 15, 2016

Promotion and participation go hand-in-hand. The marketing resources presented in this second are designed to give a local league’s Board of Directors the tools to effectively market the league to perspective players, parents, volunteers, sponsors, and the community at large.

1. Fun Ways to Promote Little League® Registration and Increase Awareness

It’s never too early to starting thinking about your next Little League® season, and the summer and fall, in the window when your league is done playing but the fun memories from a successful season are still fresh in everyone’s mind, is a great time to get a jump on registration for the next year.

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2. Volunteer Recruitment Guide

During the preseason, the opportunity for the local Little League® to market and promote itself is at its highest point. A strong volunteer base is at the center of every successful Little League program. From coaches to board members to umpires, every volunteer plays a part in providing a great Little League experience. With today’s busy schedules, recruiting volunteers can be a challenge, but when done successfully will help take your program to the next level.

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3. Fundraising For Your Local League

It is the responsibility of each local Little League® to develop an annual plan for fundraising. Such fundraising efforts should consider the necessary operating budget of the local league, income sources, and ongoing support from community and city groups and businesses.

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4. How To Raise Your League's Community Awareness

With a wide variety of activities and organizations seeking the participation of youth in your community, it is more important than ever for your league to take advantage of opportunities to raise its visibility in the community. Every year, there are a number of events and activities that every league can take advantage of to raise program awareness.

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5. Communication Tools to Promote and Share Your League

There are many communication tools and avenues that are free to use to promote your league. These require little or no experience and using them properly will not only promote your league but allow you to share the happenings within the league. Members of the print, online, television, and radio media are always looking for a good story, and your league activities may be of interest to these news outlets.

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6. Knowing the Dos and Don'ts of Social Media

There is no denying it – social media is the way to communicate in the 21st Century. As you’re thinking of ways to grow your league, increase participation, and improve communications with your constituents and community, social media can be a very powerful tool. Having a presence on any of the many social media platforms is necessary to communicate with today’s parents and volunteers, but as a Little League® official, taking the appropriate steps to ensure social media is used to the best of its ability is vital.

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7. How to Handle Media Requests

It is common for a Little League® to generate interest from the local media, family, and friends wanting to chronicle league games and activities using still photography or video.

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8. Six Scenarios to Consider Before Signing a Local Sponsorship Agreement

This time of year, leagues are in full fundraising mode, raising money from local businesses and community members to support annual league operations. Little League® strongly recommends that local leagues outline each of these relationships with a simple sponsorship agreement that details what the league will provide in exchange for the donation.

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9. Marketing Downloads

Please reference these marketing resources that will help your local league with fundraising, registration, volunteer recruitment, and more.


10. Registration Templates Downloads

Download various marketing registration templates, and customize them to meet your league's specific needs.


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