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Registration Checklist for Local Leagues

November 14, 2016

There are a lot of moving parts that go into a successful Little League® Registration Day. Creating a checklist of actionable items to be completed prior to registration day and on registration day itself will help a local Little League’s Board of Directors stay organized and on task for the big day.

Preparing for Registration Day

The following list of items will help a league prepare for their registration day.

  • Posters and signs posted at area businesses/bulletin boards/schools/yards/intersections

  • Notices sent to previous year players

  • Advertise registration on league websites/social media pages

  • Set up online registration and fee payment

  • Send registration information to local media-newspapers, TV, radio

  • Determine tryout dates/times/location

  • Registration materials printed

  • Assign Board Members with Registration Day responsibilities

  • Understand what are the accepted Residency Documents

Registration Day

Once registration day arrives, use this list ensure even the smallest details are remembered:

  • Tables and chairs in place one hour before registration begins

  • Have different registration stations available for different age groups/divisions

  • Outdoor signs with arrows pointing towards entrance

  • Poster with information about insurance coverages

  • Poster with chart/graph showing previous year income and expenses, plus current year budget

  • Treasurer’s Table setup

    • Credit card machine for paying fees

    • Form for Refunds

  • Copier and/or scanner for copying birth certificates/proofs of residency

  • Assign all worker’s shifts to begin 30 minute before registration starts

  • Registration Materials in Place

    • Little League Baseball and Softball Age Charts

    • Registration Forms/Cards

    • Waiver Forms: II(d), IV(h), V(a)

    • Medical Release Forms

    • Model Release Forms

    • Boundary map with list of schools located in the boundary

    • Volunteer Applications

    • Tryout Information and Division Breakdown

    • Tryout Number Assigned

    • Fund Raising Information

    • Player Participation Cost Sheet

    • List of League Officers with Contact Information

    • Dates of Regular Season and Tournament Play

    • Tournament Eligibility Requirements

    • Method of Tournament Team Selection

    • Dates/Times/Locations of Mandatory Parent Meeting

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