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October 26, 2016

Whether it’s the offseason, regular season, or tournament season, each local league’s Board of Directors has several tasks and responsibilities that must be attended to in order to maintain effective operation of the league. The resources presented here will provide direction for your league’s volunteers to effectively plan, organize, and accomplish many of these tasks and responsibilities throughout the year.

1. Learn How to Charter Online

All leagues, regardless of past affiliations, are required to charter each year, and all charters will be processed online. The Charter and Insurance Applications will be available through the Little League Data Center, by logging on, with your unique user name and password. Upon access to the Charter and Insurance Applications, please review it for accuracy with regard to fees, rates, credits/debits and contact information.

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2. Review Constitution and Bylaws

When preparing to charter, every league should review its constitution and bylaws. These documents stipulate everything from the election of officers at the annual meeting to the selection method for all-star participants. Below are some key factors to keep in mind when reviewing each document.

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3. Annual Boundary Map Review - 3 Essential Actions

When chartering, each league should take time to review its boundary map to ensure that it is accurate and meets the needs of the league. There are three essential items to complete annually.

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4. Successful Registration Checklist

There are a lot of moving parts that go into a successful Little League® Registration Day! Creating a checklist of actionable items to be completed prior to registration day and on registration day itself will help a local Little League board stay organized and on task for the big day.

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5. Steps to Take After Registration

Many times after a player is registered within a local Little League® program, the family has questions about what comes next. By using these frequently asked questions, you will be able to better help parents prepare their Little Leaguer® for the upcoming season.

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6. Player Selection: Approved Draft Methods

All local Little League® programs are required to assign players to teams via a draft once player evaluations conclude to assure divisions are completed. Having a draft is not only a requirement in the Little League Divisions and above, it also allows for parity within your league that will provide for a valuable experience for all players and teams. Leagues are required to choose from one of the three approved Little League Draft Methods that will take place after the player evaluation period.

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7. Preparing for the Little League® International Tournament

Make sure your league is prepared for the Little League® International Tournament by reviewing the following checklist.

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8. Don't Let This Happen: Loss of Federal Tax Exempt Status

A local Little League program, incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, received notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stating that their federal tax exempt status has been revoked due to failure to file an annual tax return for three consecutive years. The league’s Board of Directors votes to hire a Certified Public Accountant to address the issue with the IRS, and pay for the fees and service by using funds from the current year’s player registration and fundraisers.

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9. How To Hold Your Local League Board Election

Annually, each local Little League® shall be holding elections for positions on its Board of Directors. The specific process for how an election should be held can be found in the league’s Constitution.

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10. Operation Downloads

Please reference these operational resources that will help your local league perform specific tasks and responsibilities.


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