Questions to Ask Before Registration

November 24, 2015

A league’s registration days are typically the first official local league function of the new Little League® season. During this time, parents and guardians sign up their children to play in the local league. Before heading to registration, there are questions you can research that will help make the process a simple one.

Question: How do I know what league my child will play in?

Answer: You can use Little League’s League Finder tool. Enter your zip code or that of your child's school to find out the league territory where your Little Leaguer® should play. Once you get to your registration, check the league's boundary map to make sure you're registering your child for the correct league.

Question: Does my league offer online registration?

Answer: Little League International has partnered with DICK’S Team Sports HQ, powered by Blue Sombrero, to provide technology services to local leagues, and your league may use online tools to allow parents and guardians to register players through the league’s website. Many of these leagues have a secure page through their website that allows for online payment. Look at the league’s registration flier or advertisement to find out the website address. If you can’t find the website, call the league or a league official to inquire.

Question: What is my child’s league age and in what division can he/she play?

Answer: Your child’s league age can be determined by referring to the Little League Age Calculator. The age determination dates are different for baseball and softball, so be sure to use the correct calendar. After checking your child’s league age, consult Little League’s Division of Play page to see in what division your child is eligible to play in this season. Not all local leagues offer all Little League divisions, so be sure to ask your league officials what options are available for your child.

Question: What documents and forms do I need to bring with me?

Answer: Check out the Little League Rules page on for more details on what to bring to establish your residency or school enrollment and age.

Question: What does it cost for my child to play Little League?

Answer: Many leagues ask for a participation fee or request support through a fundraising campaign designed to offset costs incurred by the league. Uniform shirts, Little League patches and hats are among the typical purchases made with the funds. Call your local league to ask about costs.

Question: If I want to volunteer, how do I know what is available in my league?

Answer: The Little League Volunteer Application generally describes the types of roles that are available. Remember, any volunteer position that has regular or repetitive access to children cannot be assumed without the completion of a national background check. Such positions would include: coach, manager, local Board member, concession worker, groundskeeper and umpire among others.

If you have other specific questions, take the time to ask the members of the local Board of Directors who will be on site, overseeing the registration process. Also, be sure to seek out and meet the League President, and Vice President of the division in which your child will be playing this season. This will help later in the season with name and face recognition.

Registration is your league’s welcoming mixer for the new season. Friends and acquaintances reconnect, players get to see classmates and teammates, past and future, and your thoughts turn toward the fun and excitement that lies ahead. Signing up to play is easy and answering these questions ahead of time can help you get the season started right.

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